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Community Impact

Infinity Community Solutions (ICS) has a strong commitment to establishing a strong bridge that connects the education and business communities to thrive as a productive ecosystem. 


Here are some stories and testimonials from beneficiaries that have been a part of our community work.

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ICS Testimonials

ICS Testimonials

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"The (workshop) projects allowed for real-life scenarios that we may face in the future. The instructor was very understanding and catered to everyone during the training."


Katelyn J., Participant- Customer Service Sales Workshop and National Certification

June 2020

Community Benefit:  

Instruction prepares learners for real workplace conditions

"I came into this class confused about life. I was content with the terrible business skills that I have acquired, and you allowed me the opportunity to know better and do better... I personally enjoyed your vibrant and resilient energy as you patiently and kindly eased us into the conversation and could get the ball rolling every time." 

Nicquen H., Participant- Customer Services Sales Workshop and National Certification

June 2020

Community Benefit:  

Engaged and motivated learners build vocational skills

"Mr. Ni is perhaps one of the most inspiring teachers I've ever had. As a student who was very opposed to after-school programs and tutoring in general, I was really drawn to Mr. Ni's teaching style. He has a way of making the material fun and easy to remember. He is incredible at simplifying difficult concepts. Unlike many other programs/teachers I've tried, Mr. Ni stresses learning to THINK. He teaches his students how to think through the problems so that the student can independently handle any future problems even if they are not exactly the same as the practice problems. Even now as an undergraduate at Yale, I continue to use Mr. Ni's strategies and logic as I tackle my coursework here."

Grace C., 5-year Student Mentee in Math

September 2013

Community Benefit:  

Thinking and problem-solving skills are methodically taught building confidence

and application toward success in college and solving real-world problems.

"We (management) started working with Bob and Dean to help us customize a customer service training that was very unique to our very unique service model. They really spent a lot of time coming in to understand how our restaurant works, what our crew and what our guests really needed. Bob and Dean met, actually exceeded, our expectations. They delivered on everything that they promised and then some"


Nicole Edwards, Director of Human Resources and Training

San Pedro Fish Market

December 2020

Community Benefit:  

Businesses are able to thrive when managers are prepared to meet the

challenges that come with high growth enabling a sustainable workforce.

"Dean came in with his team and gave us an opportunity to look at our strategic plan...a lot of things happened over the two and a half years that we worked with him...He brought academic integrity into the pedagogy and some of the things we were doing in the classroom...We all worked as one to develop a plan; that plan will be the school's plan, because Dean will eventually leave and he will leave you with a success story that you will invest in your school, in your culture, and believe me, you will be glad that you did it."


Marc Jackson, Former Principal, Bassett High School

Former Superintendent, Silver Valley Unified School District

January 2021

Community Benefit:  

Effective strategic planning within an ecosystem enables  members

and the community, as a whole, to learn, to adapt year over year,

resulting in improving performance.

"I enjoy managing a region and learned a lot from all the different leadership styles I witnessed over my career. From you, Bob, I learned the importance of honesty, integrity, and not being afraid to think outside the box and doing things differently."


Jack Kenny, California Sales Manager

Benchmark Education Company

January 2022

Community Benefit:  

Mentoring, coaching, and strong leadership role models

fosters future leaders within the community.

Professional Learning. Innovative STEM Curriculum Development. Educational Leadership Development
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