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  • Creating a bi-directional bridge that builds a synergistic STEM ecosystem, the STEM Innovation Platform, between education and workspace communities

  • Building access, equity and inclusion in STEM for all community members

  • Using a collaborative leadership partnership for sustainable strategic planning

  • Connecting 21st-century foundational tools with learners and workers

Infinity Community Solutions Services:

  • Creating and supporting ecosystems within your community

  • Providing professional learning career growth opportunities

  • Developing integrated, innovative STEM PBL units

  • Building effective organizations through program development

  • Cultivating a skilled workforce through mentoring and internships

  • Ecosystem-building experts from education and business

Programs Aligned to Our Vision

  • STEM Program Audit Tool and Development

  • Professional Learning Network

  • Mentor/Apprenticeship Programs

  • PBL Innovation Lab

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How are we different? Most consulting organizations:

  • target either education OR workforce communities

  • provide a “quick-fix” approach

Infinity Community Solutions differentiates itself by offering:

  • a community of engaged participants from education AND workforce communities

  • a diverse group of experts that understand the commonalities and differences that are unique to education and the workforce

  • a closure to the communication gap between education and business communities

  • a sustainable model that is driven by skills development  and leadership from stakeholders the ability to support a global marketing and implementation effort

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Our focus centers around three pillars: the learner, the worker and the community. Program innovation, sustainability and replicability is our targeted outcome, providing support, mentorship and coaching for life-long learners that are part of a diverse and effective ecosystem.

Key Performance Indicators:

Carpenter's Workshop

Learner Benefits

  • Acquire knowledge and skills that lead to desired career/vocation

  • Update existing skills and certifications that align with evolving technological workspace

  • Realign knowledge and skills to match with existing and future job market

Working from Home

Worker Benefits

  • Continuing education to update knowledge, skills, and certifications required for a changing workspace

  • Building essential communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills to be an effective team member

  • Nurture creativity to develop innovative thinking and entrepreneurship  

Business Meeting

Community Benefits

  • Closes the gap between education and business communities

  • A universal and adaptable solution, not a “one-off”

  • Moves ecosystem communities toward self-directed and motivated   participants in a sustainable model

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