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Professional Learning

Professional learning is a necessary part of college and career readiness for workforce needs and opportunities. Infinity Community Solutions (ICS) provides learning opportunities for communities to understand, validate and invest in establishing and strengthening access, equity, and inclusion in STEM education and related workspace industries to benefit and build upon both the needs and strengths of community stakeholders

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Providing Professional Learning Career Growth Opportunities

Infinity Community Solutions (ICS) professional learning provides these key benefits:


Partnering learners and workers with knowledge and skills that match existing and future job market opportunities.


Engaging STEM teachers and administrators that educate and motivate a diverse student population toward career and vocational goals. 


Entrepreneurs and innovative thinkers that foster new businesses and jobs, while building diversity and equity for future employees.


Certifications of workers aligned with the evolution of technology in the workspace.


Effective career-motivated team members that have essential communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills.

ICS takes a unique approach by providing solutions-based interactive learning. Through an delivery model that includes face-to-face and virtual instruction, our nonprofit will cultivate human assets that contribute to a sustainable and replicable ecosystem.

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